Gelato Tour of Italy – 2015

Our Gelato Tour of Italy gets better every year, and our 15th Annual Gelato Tour of Italy will be no exception. The Euro is getting lower every day which translates to offering you a more exciting and economical trip to Italy this coming January. We have again designed our trip to eliminate the anxiety of the cost of the Euro, especially when you are in Italy. The cost of the trip includes roundtrip airfare from Liberty Newark International Airport to Italy, 4-star hotels, 7 days of breakfast and fantastic dinners, entrance to the SIGEP Convention (now in its 34rdyear) and private hands-on gelato workshops with Giacomo Schavion of La Sorbetteria, Bolongia .  Come with us and you won’t have to fret about the Euro and other worrisome details.  Once you board the airplane, you won’t have to reach into your pocket and spend one more penny, except for your own shopping, incidentals and gratuities.

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DF Mavens & Brazilia Cafe To Open in NYC

This winter we are keeping busy. Two new retail locations by Malcolm Stogo are come soon! Brazilia Cafe is already in Germany and is now coming to NYC with a full range of breakfast and lunch items, not to mention incredible gelato. And DF Mavens is the first retail location for the finest dairy-free ice cream in the world. We look forward to bringing you more information on their openings soon!


Brazilia Cafe rendering - 684 BROADWAY, NEW YORK, NY 10012


DF Mavens in construction - 2nd Ave & St. Marks, NYC


Ice Cream Sundaes for a Cold Winter Day

What better time for an ice cream sundae than the wintertime, of course! Below are a few delicious sundae recipes that will make you cozy on that cold winter day. Enjoy!

An Excerpt from the book by Michael Turback’s A Month of Sundaes (Red Rock Press, 2002) (Read More)


Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Industry Trends: 2011

One thing is for sure, this coming year is going to be terrific for anyone in the frozen dessert industry. With the economy coming back, ice cream will be in vogue big time. All we need is good summer weather. The following are a number of trends and predictions for ice cream and frozen desserts in the year to come. (Read More)


New Year’s Eve with Strawberry Champagne Sorbet

Strawberry Sorbet Recipe

Looking for a perfect sorbet to ring in the New Year? Well, look no further. This strawberry champagne sorbet is absolutely delicious and a perfect sorbet recipe to serve up for New Years Eve! (Read More)


A Great Holiday Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe: Chocolate Zinfandel

Chocolate Ice Cream RecipeWhen it comes to the winter holidays, there is nothing better than anything chocolate. When it comes to ice cream, imagine running your fingers around the sides of an ice cream freezing bowl and tasting this delicious chocolate zinfandel ice cream- just fabulous! (Read More)


New & Hot: Wholesale Ice Cream and Gelato

This is an ongoing series that explores what’s new and hot in the gelato and ice cream wholesale business, including new products and ice cream ingredients.

The most innovative batch freezer company in Italy has come to America with their EFFE 5 Vertical batch freezer. Take a look at this video to see how the best gelato is made.

gelato cabinetNELSON

Nelson just introduced their new curved glass gelato/ice cream display cabinet. This new cabinet is a very inexpensive way to present your frozen dessert products.

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Sorbets for the Holidays: Two Great Recipes

With the holidays just around the corner, we thought what better time to bring out two of our favorite margarita-themed sorbet recipes. Both of these recipes are for a 10 quart batch, but you can scale up or down as needed. Enjoy!

Margarita Sorbet Recipe:

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The Perfect Holiday Dessert: Eggnog Ice Cream Recipe

The holiday season is nearly upon us, so that means only one thing… fantastic holiday ice cream flavors! This eggnog ice cream recipe is perfect for the Christmas and New Year holiday season. It is excellent for use in restaurants or at home for a party with friends and family. (Read More)


Starting an Ice Cream Business: SBA Loans

Starting an Ice Cream Business is a series of articles that answers popular questions asked by our clients and students in regards to starting an ice cream business.

Question: In today’s rough economy, is it difficult to get an SBA loan?

In short, no. Under the current federal stimulus package, SBA has changed some important criterion that in the past made it harder to get an SBA loan.
•    SBA now guarantees 90% of all loans versus 80% two years ago
•    Collateral requirements are now more flexible
•    Banks are now paid a fee to process a loan versus them paying a fee two years ago

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